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The Hendersons

Created in 2011 the band has had personnel changes, settling on the current line up in 2016. Previously known as the Tri State Rockers. The current line up consists of : Bass/Vocals: Gary Truelove. Drums/Vocals: Jim Heimbuck. Jonathan King ( Lead Guitar and Vocals )

Influences: Neil Young, Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Creedence Clearwater Revival and many other artists

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Chicken S#!t Bingo

With every drink you buy, you get a number. Once an hour we put a chicken on a numbered mat in a pen. If she poops on your number... you win! First poop that hour will get you a free drink, and the second poop, an exclusive Chicken S#!t Bingo t-shirt. Every 2nd and 4th Sunday. First poo at 2:00!

Chicken Shit pen 22 x 51.jpg
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7:30 PM19:30

Bluegrass Bourbon and BBQ

Sneak Peak of our new 3 Grain Bourbon

Sneak Peak of our new 3 Grain Bourbon

A night of Bourbon, Bluegrass and BBQ featuring Milk Street Bourbons, The Hawk Owls Band, and More Thyme food truck serving up some finger lickin’ BBQ.

We are cracking into a test barrel of the new bourbon that will be out in a year and a half. Plus, we have the great smokey beer barrel finished War Penny Bourbon, along with all of our other fantastic products!

First, we have a newly formed bluegrass duo Wondermutt.

Then, we have the kick ass bluegrass band, Hawk Owls. This is their only gig of the summer! The Hawk Owls formed in Sussex County, NJ in 2011 after years of playing in various other bands together. Their song list includes a variety of originals, traditionals and reinterpreted classics. Their vocal harmonies demand your attention and their energetic acoustic sound is sure to keep you moving. Certainly not an act to be missed!
What goes better with Bluegrass and Bourbon? BBQ of course! More Thyme catering, a great local catering service, cafe and food truck will be serving up some great BBQ.

Hawk Owls.jpg
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7:30 PM19:30

Brian St. John Trio

Hailing from Sussex and Morris county with unique influences and experiences, the BSJ Trio features Brian St. John (guitar/vocals), Alan "Rock and Roll" Tepper (bass/vocals), and Patrick Maloney (percussion/vocals) playing all your favorites from the Beatles/Stones to Kiss/Toto. Come check them out on this Saturday night at Milk St!

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Wonderloaf and More Thyme Food Truck

These Guy’s (and Gal) Kicks Ass!

Wonderloaf is Classic Rock covering Zeppelin, Cash, Creedence, Heart, Neil, Stones – Rock and Roll Baby! Cover tunes - the Mighty Zep, Heart, Guitar driven rawk, Some Outlaw Country, V8 powered never hybrid, Motorcycles not scooters, Tube amp not solid state, real live music no auto tune

Wonderloaf 2.jpg
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Clovis is a hard working local Sussex County two piece band that loves to entertain with a mixture of  great classic rock music. Our fans have a great time dancing and singing along to the wonderful classic rock songs of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and more.  Aside from classic covers, Clovis has a solid base of originals that are inspired from locations in the area.

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The Frostkings

The FrostKings are a R&B, swing, and blues band originating from the North

Jersey area. Familiar to music fans in Northern New Jersey, and Southern

New York State, the FrostKings have played many festivals and venues over

the years. Equally at home playing swinging shuffles, slow blues or full-tilt

boogies, their repertoire ranges from the West Coast swing stylings of Louis

Jordan and T-Bone Walker, to the classic blues of Luther “Guitar Jr.”

Johnson, B.B. King, Eddie “Clean Head” Vinson and Muddy Waters, to the R&B

of Jackie Brenston and Otis Redding. If you’re not already a swing-blues fan,

you will be after hearing their Icey-Cold tones. So chill out with the


The Frostkings.jpg
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7:30 PM19:30

Pushing Chain


Pushing Chain was formed in 2012 by Boyd Blomberg and Adam Moe. The duo, which has been performing together in various manifestations since 1997, plays Folky-Tonk music featuring Boyd on guitar and vocals and Adam on the fiddle and vocals. Strong songwriting, tight harmonies, and a gonzo approach have been winning fans for Pushing Chain across the Midwest and beyond.

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