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New Jersey's Best Distillery


Sussex County's first distillery in over 70 years, located in the small town of Branchville, nestled in the rural northwest corner of New Jersey.


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Our Spirits

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Kanpeki Rice Vodka

"Kanpeki" is the Japanese word for perfection. This vodka is double distilled from grains of polished white rice. After distillation, it is then double filtered through a variety of carbons, all to create a clean, smooth and soft spirit. A great vodka for a martini, or just on the rocks (Rice on Ice).

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War Penny Bourbon

Not your average bourbon! This fine tipple starts out as corn and rye, with a portion of that grain steeped in cherry wood smoke over the course of 36 hours. The distillate is then laid to rest in new White American Oak barrels until we feel it has reached optimum maturity. Unlike most bourbons, we then finish this whiskey in beer barrels of varying styles from local breweries.

Each batch is truly unique with its subtle smoke flavor and hints of the beer barrel it was finished in.

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Aged Rye Whiskey


This Rye is extremely smooth for being 90 proof. Up front you taste a harmony of sweet caramel, vanilla and honey, but finish with a slight peppery pop of the rye grain. 

Check our event pages for more planned whiskey releases. 

Malt Whiskey

Our Malt Whiskey is crafted from three hand selected grains. It’s flavor is sweet up front with notes of caramel and vanilla. Then finishes with a bold toasty malt taste.

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Black Vulture Vodka

Black Vulture Vodka is a small batch, hand crafted vodka distilled from locally grown corn in the Delaware River Basin. Our diligence to craft a premium vodka has brought us to what we think is fine enough to wear our bottle. With its smooth taste and ever so subtle sweetness it may very well make a straight vodka drinker out of you.

Wooden Leg Rum

Wooden Leg Rum draws its inspiration from Brazillian rum producers. This rum is crafted from a special combination of evaporated cane juice and black strap molasses. With its extra sweetness, the cane juice tempers the bold molasses flavor to produce a nectarous, smooth silver rum.

Dam Break Rye Grain Spirit

Dam Break Rye is our uncommonly delicious rye spirit made from 100% locally grown rye grain. It is called a spirit because it has not earned the whiskey moniker by spending some time in a barrel. Through a painstakingly slow distillation process we remove the undesirable harsh raw grain flavors, usually associated with white whiskies, to produce a uniquely clean and bold unaged spirit.   


Tours & Tastings

We offer weekly tours in addition to tasting sessions. Tours run every half an hour.

It is not necessary to book a tour, just c'mon in.

We're located in downtown Branchville.